Telemental health or telecounseling is the process of providing counseling or psychotherapy services remotely. Virtual delivery advantages include increased convenience for individuals by reducing barriers to care, which have often included scheduling limitations, mobility restriction, illness, childcare challenges, and transportation difficulties. Studies* have also shown that individuals are far more

relaxed in their own familiar environment, often leading to a more productive session. 


If teletherapy is the best option for you, the session can be by telephone or utilizing a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system. The VSee video conferencing platform can be downloaded onto your smartphone or laptop. The instructions are as follows:

1.   If planning to use your computer, click the icon below to 

      download the VSee application to your computer:

      If using your smartphone, download VSee Messenger from the

      app store

2.   Allow video and sound notifications

3.   Signup for a free account or login with a Google email address

4.   Follow guided instructions

5.   Within the Contacts page, proceed to the + (top left corner)

6.   Add Contact:

7.   Click find, and send a contact request

8.   Confirmation of connection and appointment will follow


Should you have any questions on any of the above, contact for further assistance.



*Simpson, Susan & Bell, Lorraine & Knox, J. & Mitchell, D. (2005). Therapy via videoconferencing: A route to client empowerment? Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy. 12. 156 - 165.

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