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Walk and Talk


Body, Mind, Spirit

Walk and Talk combines the benefits of physical movement with traditional therapy and the beautiful outdoors. Study after study has shown the benefits of getting outside and into nature; the fresh air, the trees, the clouds floating by, all helps to relax us and sooth our senses. 

Thoughts and feelings associated with the concerns and demands of our lives can often be linked with different parts of our bodies. Relaxing therapeutic hikes and walks not only allows us a time to pause for self-reflection, but it also enhances mental clarity, positive growth, and facilitates a deeper mind-body awareness. This increased connection and focus can expand to ourselves, others, and the world around us. 

Opportunities to unplug, decompress and recharge in a fresh new way are being provided amongst the piney woods and trails of The Huntsville State Park or along the many walking paths of The Woodlands, Texas.


the wilderness experience allows for new revelation, meaning and direction.

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